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The Gospels tell how God gave us His only Son, because He loves us so much, and how that Son died on a cross for us. It sets a model that God's people should be generous. Read on for real-life tips and examples.

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The Bible lets us know that we can expect to go through some difficult times while we’re on this earth. The good news is that it also promises that we won’t have to go through them alone.

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Looking for inspiration? For a pause in the craziness? For a few moments of divine peace that will help you better face the challenges in your life? You’ve come to the right place.

From Jesus with love

Giving to Others

Embrace new opportunities to give. Try to find something to give every day—whether a smile, a compliment, you… Read more

The Source of Joy

When you accept Me into your life and come to know Me, you come to experience profound and intense happiness.… Read more

Changing Times

My love will never leave you; you will never lose it, and it will never diminish. Rest in My love, for in My … Read more

Personal accounts

Don’t Wait

I wish you could meet my friend Vanessa! She’s the perfect example of the gospel bound in tennis shoes. When … Read more

The Widow’s Mite

Jesus and His disciples were in the temple observing people giving their offerings. A wealthy man approached … Read more

Filling a Need

Ted and Dorothy were a young couple who bought Wall Drug, a drugstore in a small town in the western United S… Read more

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Points to ponder

The Best Is Yet to Come

To get an idea of what Heaven will be like, take the happiest moment of your life and multiply it by a millio… Read more

The Reason for the Season

Jesus temporarily renounced the rights of His citizenship in heaven and became a citizen of this world. Th… Read more

Age, a State of Mind

Growing old is no more than a bad habit which a busy person has no time to form. —André Maurois If wr… Read more

Answers to Your Questions

Question: I’ve heard that reading the Bible and/or other inspirational material every day is the key to spir… Read more

Success with People

In her poem “An Evening Prayer,” C. Maud Battersby captured what should be the prayer of each of us every … Read more

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