God’s Gifts - Preface

God’s Gifts - Preface

A Get Activated book

By Rafael Holding

“The perfect gift!”

“The gift for every occasion!”

“The gift that lasts a lifetime!”

“The gift that keeps on giving!”

How many times have you heard these advertising slogans—and how often have you been disappointed to find out in the end that the products didn’t live up to those claims?

Well, there’s one giver whose gifts are all these things and more! He loves you like no other can or ever will. He wants to make you perfectly and wonderfully happy. He knows exactly what you need, and He has the means to give it to you.

In fact, it’s all right there, just waiting for you—gifts from your caring heavenly Father. All you have to do to receive God’s gifts is reach out the hand of faith and receive them. God’s Gifts tells you what they are and how you can have them.


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