There’s More to Life

God has given you the wonderful gift of life. He made this beautiful world for you to live in and enjoy, and gave you the capacity to love and feel loved. The priceless gift of living and all the joys and challenges that accompany it, He freely gives to all. But believe it or not, there is more that He wants to give you. In fact, there is a whole slew of other gifts that He would like to give you.

Two of these gifts are most important because they are the keys to all the others. These are eternal salvation and the infilling of the Holy Spirit.

If you haven’t yet received God’s gifts of salvation or the Holy Spirit, this booklet tells you how. And if you have, the explanations you’re about to read will strengthen your faith and help you understand and appreciate the marvelous changes that are taking place in your life. In either case, it will also help you know how to answer others’ questions about God and all He has to offer, so they too can receive these wonderful gifts.

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