Practical Applications

Some people say, “There are no practical uses for prophecy in this day and age.” Fortunately for us, they’re wrong! Their lack of faith causes them to miss out on the spiritual treasures God would like to give them if they’d only believe. That’s sad, but that doesn’t mean you need to miss out too. All He requires is that you ask of Him in faith. “Ask and you will receive, that your joy may be full.”1

The practical uses for prophecy are endless. The Lord can fill any need, answer any question, provide any solution, untangle any mess, resolve any conflict. You just need to give Him a chance. If you sincerely try to do what He tells you to do, if you carry out His advice, you can be assured it will work. You’ll never regret having listened to Him. Granted, you may not see perfect results immediately, and sometimes you may never know exactly how a certain situation was helped by your listening to the Lord. However, if you let Him lead in your life, you can’t go wrong. You can trust that He will stick to His Word. He will give you just what you need and what He knows will help you most in the long run.

The Lord wants us to involve Him in every area of our lives, and to let Him help us make choices and decisions, big and small. Consider this example:

Jan and Bill are married. Jan is visiting her aunt and uncle in a town several hours from where she and Bill live. It’s Friday, and she’s already been there for a week.

She calls Bill to see how things are going at home, and Bill assures her that everything is just great. Jan mentions that her aunt has invited her to stay for two more days, and Bill says he and the kids can manage for a couple more days, no problem. Jan hangs up, but before making her final decision and telling her aunt that she will stay longer, she goes to her room and asks Jesus to confirm this plan.

In a gentle voice, the Lord tells Jan, “It would be better if you returned home now. Though Bill and the children seem to be doing fine and Bill said they could manage for a few more days, they’re going to need you there on the weekend.”

Jan has only recently developed the habit of asking for the Lord’s counsel regarding her personal decisions, so she’s a little shaky. She asks the Lord for more, and He brings a Scripture to mind. “In all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct thy paths.”2 Since that is exactly what she has just done in asking Him about her plans, this verse gives her faith that the first answer she got about returning now was indeed the Lord’s voice.

So she ends her visit as she had originally planned, and returns home that night. Saturday begins as usual. Bill mows the lawn and Jan does a little spring cleaning while the kids play. Jan wonders momentarily if she made a mistake in returning home when she did, as it seems that Bill and the kids and the house would have survived the weekend without her. She reminds herself that her decision to return was based on God’s leading, and continues her chores.

After lunch the telephone rings. It’s Bill’s employer. A crisis has arisen that requires Bill’s immediate attention. Five minutes after he receives the news, Bill kisses Jan and the kids goodbye as he hurries out the door.

Now it all becomes clear: If Jan had been at her aunt and uncle’s, several hours away, Bill would have been in quite a fix. Their neighbors are all away, so there would have been no one to look after the kids. Jan thanks God for His loving, wise guidance. He hadn’t told her what emergency would arise, but He had showed her which would be the better of two seemingly equal choices.

Divine guidance can make a difference in almost any situation, big or small, that you might face in life. Without the Lord, you might get it right part of the time or most of the time, but He can get it right every time. Prophecy will be an invaluable tool when you’re faced with major questions or complex problems, but you’ll also find that He can help you in seemingly small matters as well. He’s always around, and He’s always happy to help. Why not avail yourself of His words of wisdom—the best professional help available anywhere today?

Maybe your business is in trouble and you aren’t sure what move to make next. Maybe you’re having trouble getting along with your boss or your employees. Maybe you’re having marriage or relationship problems. Maybe your work and personal relationships are going fine, but you just don’t see where your life is taking you or what your priorities and goals should be.

If you have children, there will always be plenty of things you don’t understand and need heavenly insight about. One of your children might be slow in learning to read, one might have a bed-wetting problem, one might not make friends easily. Maybe your oldest has just entered adolescence and suddenly you two can’t seem to communicate anymore. There are plenty of books that could be of some help at these times, and you can always turn to more experienced parents, teachers, or counselors for advice, but why not also ask the one who created your children and knows their needs better than anyone?

Perhaps you’re going on a business trip, and there are several alternatives for arranging your itinerary. Maybe you’re planning a move to another city, or considering a career change. Maybe you’re not sure when would be the best time to take your vacation, or where to go. If any of these scenarios sound familiar, take them as opportunities to tap into the wisdom of your all-seeing, all-knowing, and all-powerful God. He knows what’s ahead, and what will be the best for you and make you happiest. He can also protect you from accidents and harm by steering you clear of them, if you check your plans with Him ahead of time and follow His directions.

It may feel a little awkward at first, putting the Lord smack in the center of your daily life, with all its joys, sorrows, difficulties, and hard choices, but that’s exactly where He belongs and wants to be. Pretty soon you’ll wonder how you ever made a decision without Him.

1. John 16:24
2. Proverbs 3:6
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