Face Value

You can always drop a little love into the hearts of those you pass by, even if only with a smile or a look of sympathy, and they will know that God has loved them that day.—D.B.B.


The difference is clear

Thomas Jefferson, the third President of the United States, was riding horseback with some companions when they came to a swollen stream. A foot traveler was already there, waiting to ask someone on horseback to give him a ride across the rushing water. The President responded to the man’s request, pulled him up onto his horse, and later set him down on the opposite bank.

“Tell me,” asked one of the men with Jefferson, “why did you ask the President to help you across, and not one of us?”

The traveler answered, “I didn’t know he was the President. All I know is that on some faces is written the answer no and on some is written the answer yes. He had a yes face.”—Retold by K.P.


The shortest distance between two people is a smile.—Author unknown


When love gets in your system, it is bound to break out on your face.—Author unknown


The value of a smile
The thing that goes the farthest toward
Making life worthwhile,
That costs the least and does the most,
Is just a pleasant smile.
The smile that bubbles from a heart
That loves its fellow men,
Will drive away the clouds of gloom,
And coax the sun again;
It’s full of worth and goodness, too,
With manly kindness blent,
It’s worth a million dollars, and
It doesn’t cost a cent.
Walter D. Nesbit

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