Love is life’s sweetest mystery. It can be ethereal or down-to-earth, thunderous and passionate or tender and hushed. At once priceless and free, it’s the universal experience that is wonderfully personal. Like a scintillating jewel that reflects beauty off its many facets—each unique yet each part of the whole—is that mystical, magical, marvelous thing called love.

It is in the faces of a mother and her child—mutual adoration that is beyond words. It is in the faces of parents as they embrace a returning prodigal. It is in the faces of a couple in love, who are lost in each other’s eyes and dreams. It is in the faces of volunteers who care for the afflicted, the homeless, the destitute. It is in the faces of strangers and friends—anyone who takes time to be thoughtful and kind. It is in the face of the dying believer as he looks heavenward to new life and joy unspeakable.

And it’s through love’s many faces that we see God’s own image, for God is love!1 Every time we see love manifest, we get a glimpse of God. These few pages don’t pretend do the subject justice. Instead, they point to the source of love, God Himself, who gives freely, without partiality and without end.

1. 1 John 4:8
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