Loneliness Goodbye!

Everything was perfect for Adam in the Garden of Eden, except… What it was, he couldn’t quite find words to describe. He had no complaints. God had lovingly provided everything for him in this heavenly paradise. Everything was beautiful and wonderful, except… Adam had a strange empty, achy feeling deep inside.

God had put that feeling there to show Adam that he was never going to be truly happy, even with all those beautiful things, until he had someone like himself with whom he could share them. So God decreed, “It isn’t good for man to be alone; I will make a companion for him.”1 And not long after that, Adam got his Eve.

There are now billions of Adams and Eves, but the world can still be a lonely place. Someone wryly described city life as “millions of people being lonesome together.” That’s humorous, but true. Just having a lot of people around won’t necessarily relieve loneliness, because loneliness comes from being insulated from others, not only isolated. And it’s often self-inflicted. People build walls  around themselves, and then complain of loneliness. They build walls instead of bridges.

So what’s the “cure” for loneliness? It’s summed up in the adage, “To love others makes us happy; to love ourselves makes us lonely.” Consider this true story:

There was once a very lonely woman who was always seeking a new lover, but never finding one that satisfied or lasted or that relieved her loneliness. Why? Because she was always seeking to get love, to receive love, to be loved. Then one day someone suggested that perhaps she was going about it all wrong: She needed to learn to give love and to love unselfishly for the benefit and happiness of another. In all of her years of searching, this thought had never occurred to her. She tried it and soon found what she had been looking for all the time—true love!—Adapted from D.B.B.


Anybody can find love if he or she has love. If you show people real love, you won’t have a hard time winning friends. If you’re sincerely concerned about others and show them love, they’ll be concerned about you and show you love. Love begets love. If you sow love, you’re going to reap love. If you sow friendship, you’re going to reap friendship.2 It’s a two-way street.

There are many others around you who are just as lonely and longing for love as you are. They’re probably just waiting for you to make the first move. Step out and try to make someone else happy, and you’ll find a whole new world of love you’ve only dreamed of.

If you give love you’ll get love! That’s God’s system; that’s God’s rule. God will make you happy if you make others happy. It’s that simple!—D.B.B.

1. Genesis 2:18 TLB
2. Galatians 6:7
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