One Heart at a Time - Preface

One Heart at a Time - Preface

A Handbook for Changing the World

A Get Activated book

By Shannon Shayler and Keith Phillips

Want to make a difference? You can. In fact, you can help change the world for the better—one heart at a time! 

God’s love is the answer to the world’s problems, because where there is genuine love, God and people can work together to bring about solutions. If you’ve found God’s love in Jesus, you’ve got something that everybody in the world needs.

Share Jesus with your family, friends, and even strangers, and encourage them to do the same. Start a chain reaction of love that will change your part of the world.

One Heart at a Time offers step-by-step instruction, tried-and-true tips, examples, and motivation for sharing God’s love with others—all you’ll need to get started!


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