A New Life!

There’s nothing quite as wonderful as bringing a new life into this world. A baby fills our lives with a special joy, a special hope. Birth marks the entrance to life.

An old man once came to see Jesus in the secret of night so that he would not be seen. He was a religious leader of the people, but all his learning had not brought him the joy and happiness he sought. He had a question for Jesus. He wanted to know how he might find eternal life. Jesus answered him simply that in order to enter the kingdom of Heaven he needed to be born again. This puzzled the man. “How can I become a baby in my mother’s womb and be born again, for I am an old man?” Jesus assured him that the birth He spoke of was a spiritual one; it was a rebirth of his soul by the infilling of God’s own Spirit (John 3:1–8).

Just as we must be born to enter this life, so each of us must also be born anew to enter the kingdom of God, that spiritual world of eternity and happiness that awaits us beyond this life.

So the celebration of a birth is a good time to reflect on our own spiritual rebirth and growth. If you would like to be born again and enter the great and wonderful kingdom of God, then you must become as a little child and in faith receive Jesus as your Savior by asking Him into your heart. Let His Spirit transform you and transport you into His glorious kingdom, so that you might become His son or His daughter forever. All you have to do is pray a simple prayer like the following:

Dear Jesus, I believe You are the Son of God and that You died for me. I need Your love to cleanse me from my mistakes and wrongdoing. I now open the door of my heart and I ask You to please come into my life and give me Your free gift of eternal life. Amen.

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