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What God Does For Me

July 2016 | Published in The Nature of God

When I came in for my nursing shift in the department for Alzheimer’s sufferers, one patient was very agitated and wouldn’t sit still. I could have given her some medication to calm her, but as she wasn’t aggressive or in pain, I instead walked around with her for a while. It was an aimless stroll; I would stop at times to look at paintings, show her a teddy bear, look out the window, etc., but mostly we just walked.

Radiant Imprints

July 2016 | Published in The Nature of God

“He (Jesus) is the radiance of the glory of God and the exact imprint of God’s nature, and He upholds the universe by the word of His power.”1

Jesus described Himself as “the light of the world,”2 but have you ever contemplated what that means? Jesus is the radiant brilliance of the Father that shines into our lives, manifesting the love and nature of God, illumining our way to the Father so that we can experience and ultimately come to understand who God is.

Knowing God

July 2016 | Published in The Nature of God

God has a problem!

Lots of people say they believe in God, but they don’t really know who He is.

To many children, God is something of a cross between a superhero and a friendly old wizard with a long white beard. Superman meets Dumbledore.

Until the Shadows Flee

May 2016 | Published in Getting Through

The other night, I was awakened by a phone call that needed my urgent attention. Pulling myself from deep sleep, I had to quickly dress, grab my car keys, and run out the door to take care of a small emergency. Someone had had a minor accident late at night and needed to be picked up. I was distraught, but at the same time couldn’t stop thinking how things could have been so much worse. So I tried to calm my anxious heart for the next hour as I attended to the details and got everybody safely home.

Best Friend Forever

May 2016 | Published in Getting Through

The Bible lets us know that we can expect to go through some difficult times while we’re on this earth.1 The good news is that it also promises that we won’t have to go through them alone. “Even though I walk through the darkest valley, I will fear no evil, for you are with me.”2 “I know the Lord is always with me. I will not be shaken.”3

Bottoms Up!

April 2016 | Published in Personal Experiences

I recently became the mother of two. There are so many new emotions, joys, and lessons that come along with welcoming an additional child into the family. The newest challenge I face is getting ready to go back to work and preparing our three-month-old baby girl for this transition. My first daughter (now almost four years old) never took to feeding from a bottle, and my second seems to be no different. Time after time, I face the same disappointment and feel terribly wasteful as I dump out the unfinished milk.

Try Me

February 2016 | Published in Jesus Christ

If you don’t know Me yet, then I have a proposal for you: rather than trying to figure Me out, why not give Me a chance to show you the truth? I am not just talking about right and wrong, or good advice, but supernatural truth. All that I am cannot be comprehended by the mind. You have to seek and understand with your heart. Why not see for yourself if I am real and “the way, the truth, and the life,” as I told My first disciples?1 Why not put Me to the test? Accept My love and presence into your life, and then see what I can do for you.

Arms Around Me

February 2016 | Published in God's Love

Happiness is made up of many things: it is a smile of a child, the golden glows of a sunrise, the warm hug of a loved one, health after sickness. But such happiness is also transitory: a child does not always smile, the sunrise may be overshadowed with dark clouds, a loved one may leave, sickness may not pass. There is another happiness, that is deeper and everlasting, and that is the happiness that comes into your soul when you realise the depth, breadth, and height of God’s love for you, a love embodied in His Son, Jesus.

My Little Girl

February 2016 | Published in Children

As many first-time mothers can probably relate to, nothing holds my interest like observing my little girl. Her facial expressions, the excitement in her eyes, her curiosity—just about everything she does brings out the motherly love in me. And one wonderful day I realized that’s how Jesus, in His unconditional love, is looking at me.

The Kaleidoscope of God’s Love

February 2016 | Published in God's Love

Love is like a stream. Some days it flows and rushes, for there is plenty. On other days it trickles, and you can see it bouncing against the unseen rocks. But even when love is dry and has lost its flow and lies nearly empty on the muddy bottom, there is more love to come.

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