Hearing from heaven

Getting God’s Input

August 2019 | Published in Hearing from Heaven

Is God personally concerned about you? Does He want to provide solutions to your problems, bless your endeavors, help you get the most out of life, and make you the best person you can possibly be? If so, is He able to tell you how? Yes, yes, and yes!

Troubleshooting with God

June 2019 | Published in Guidance

On my second day on the job, my new supervisor handed me his laptop: “I need you to upgrade this to the latest Web-based operating system.”

I was in a foreign country, surrounded by coworkers speaking a foreign language, and as a junior IT technician, I was finding it challenging to familiarize myself with the new work environment, understand foreign technical terms, and handle the inevitable problems that exceeded my level of experience.

My Presence

August 2017 | Published in Hearing from Heaven

I am always with you, ready and willing to help, direct, comfort, love, heal, and provide for you.

I want you to bring Me into every area of your life. I don’t ask this because I want to harness or control you, but because I love you. I want to provide for you and protect you and shower you with love.

Constant Companion

November 2013 | Published in Hearing from Heaven

I want to be a very present companion, counselor, and help to you—not merely someone you know of, or someone you met once but rarely think about or talk to, or even an advisor that you consult from time to time when you have a problem or need to make an important decision. I want to be a constant, loving presence.

Understanding. Answers. Faith.

August 2012 | Published in Prayer

What may seem logical to you in a particular situation isn’t necessarily right, because you’re human and fallible. It also may not be the way I see it, because “My thoughts are not your thoughts, nor are your ways My ways. As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways, and My thoughts than your thoughts.”1

You may be able to figure some things out and get some things right, but you’ll do much better if you learn to ask Me for My insight and solutions.

Up Close and Personal

February 2011 | Published in Hearing from Heaven

You are special. You’re not just one in a crowd—you’re special to Me! I know your every thought. I know you personally, and I am speaking to you personally now. Ask Me to speak to you whenever you want, when you’re up or when you’re down, or even when you just want some good company. I’m happy to speak to you on any subject, whenever you need it.

Hearing from Jesus Step by Step

February 2011 | Published in Hearing from Heaven

One of the things Jesus wants to teach us—and it’s one of the most valuable things we can ever learn—is to consult Him in our decision-making. He wants us to hear from Him directly and personally, and then to act on what He shows us. That goes for big matters and everyday matters alike. He wants us to bring specific questions to Him so He can give us specific answers.

Accessing God

January 2011 | Published in Hearing from Heaven

If you use the Internet, you know what a quick and easy source of information it can be. Instead of trekking to a library to pore over stacks of books and other printed material to locate something, you can find what you need right from home or work by simply using an Internet search engine, typing a few key words, and clicking “search.” Instantly, links to a multitude of websites related to whatever it is you’re looking for appear on your computer screen. Admittedly it is hit and miss, and you may still need to skim quite a bit of material to find the specifics you’re looking for—like you used to have to do with those stacks of books—but the Internet puts a world of information at your fingertips.

Strokes of God

March 2010 | Published in Miracles and Mysteries

Every so often we read or hear about some happening that so completely defies explanation that the people involved are convinced they have been part of a miracle.

For the rest of us, it takes faith to believe those accounts—faith that miracles are possible, as well as faith in those giving the accounts. But faith has its rewards. If we can believe that “impossible” things have happened to others, then perhaps we can believe that they can happen to us too. The French philosopher and mathematician Blaise Pascal (1623–1662) called miracles the “lightning strokes of God.” There’s no “perhaps” about a lightning strike, especially to one who is standing on the spot where it hits! Lightning is powerful, and it happens often—about 100 times per second in as many locations around the world. I’m sure that if every miracle were recorded they would far outnumber lightning strikes. What makes me so sure? I’ve yet to be struck by actual lightning, but I’ve experienced many “strokes of God.”

Make Your Day

February 2010 | Published in Hearing from Heaven

There are three things you can do to make the most of your day.

Number one, talk to Me first thing or even the night before about what you need or want to do. It doesn’t have to take long—just long enough to get your bearings on the day and to let Me remind you of anything you may have forgotten.

Number two, each time you are about to start a new task, ask Me if you’re on the right track. It may seem like the logical thing to do, or you may have done it a thousand times before, but perhaps I see factors you don’t see or want to show you a better way to do it. When you make a conscious effort to check your plans with Me, it’s much easier for Me to help you get it right. Nothing is too small to ask Me about.

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