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Bringing God into the Decision-Making Process

June 2007 | Published in Guidance

The wisest and soundestapproach to decision-making is a three-step process:

First, realize that you don’t have all the answers and ask the One who does—God—to help you make the right decision.

Second, determine that you will accept God’s answer, even if it’s contrary to your own reasoning or desires in the matter. In other words, you need to sincerely want Him to help you make the decision according to what He knows will work out best for you and everyone else involved. This is often the hardest part because it requires you to surrender your own will to God in favor of His.

Qualities of a Good Marriage

May 2005 | Published in Romance and Marriage

So much has been said and written about marriage—much of it rather complicated or seemingly contradictory—that I was curious as to what Jesus would have to say on the subject. He has such a wonderful way of explaining things simply, clearly, and positively that I was sure He could put things in perspective. So I asked Him to summarize some of the main qualities of a good marriage, and He did. Here’s the message He gave:

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