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New Beginnings—A New Year’s Challenge

January 2013 | Published in New Year

As we stand before the New Year, we don’t know what’s in store for us. But there’s one thing we do know, and that is that we can leave the past, with all of its cares, pains, heartaches, and mistakes, behind. We can’t undo one single act or unsay one single word, but if we will give our grief and regrets to God, He can make this New Year a fresh start.

Every day of the past year is beyond our reach, and we should leave it there. God has the past in His keeping, and we should not go back and be tormented with regrets. It’s sad how some people say they’re trusting God, yet they worry about the blots and stains on the pages of their past.

God Is Timeless

October 2012 | Published in Bible Stories

I have come to realize that God takes His time. Perhaps that comes from being eternal. He has all the time in the world, so why should He hurry?

God is an investor, not a speculator. He doesn’t “buy” something today with the intention of “selling” it tomorrow. Sure, He wants to get high returns on His investments, but He can wait a very long time if need be. He invests in people, and He doesn’t seem to mind the time it takes for that investment to pay off. Knowing the future also comes in handy, no doubt.

Start Anew, Start Today

April 2012 | Published in Personal Growth

Life is all about the little decisions you make every day. Decisions of the past have had their effect, but every newday can be a new start. No matter what has happened up till now, you have a chance to make the right decisions today.

Don’t waste time reliving the pain of past mistakes and wrong decisions. That only saps your power to do what you can do today. You can’t change the past, but the future is what you make it, starting right now, so take full advantage of the present.

Through Darkness to Light

December 2010 | Published in Christmas Experiences

It’s Christmas Eve. A month ago the sun disappeared below the horizon and will not be seen again until mid-January.

Norway at this time of year is not as dreary as you might think, though. The snow-covered landscape glistens from the light of the moon and stars, and the sun’s reflected rays dance across the night sky. The colors can take your breath away.

Master of Reinvention

May 2010 | Published in Success

“Necessity is the mother of invention,” Plato wrote.1 Others have since added that necessity is also the mother of reinvention—meaning that new challenges give birth to progress in new directions. That certainly has proven true during the economic upheavals of the past couple of years. Forced from their relatively comfortable positions in the former status quo, many people have reinvented their businesses or found promising new careers in fields they never would have considered otherwise. Others have reexamined their priorities and are now focusing on things they used to think they didn’t have much time for, such as family, community service, charity work, further education, or spiritual pursuits.

Carlos Recreated

September 2009 | Published in Romance and Marriage

“Can I stay with you tonight?” Carlos asked in a trembling voice. He’d had a terrible argument with his wife, he explained over the phone, and he couldn’t return home. My wife and I knew that Carlos had already been going through a very difficult time in his life. To begin with, he’d hoped to be promoted to general manager of the company he worked for, but the job had gone to someone else. A few days later he’d been involved in a traffic accident, though fortunately no one was injured. Now this! Everything seemed to be going wrong.

I invited him over, and before he arrived, my wife and I prayed for Jesus to help us encourage him, as well as for wisdom in how to advise him in this personal situation, if he should ask for that.

God’s Free Offer

April 2009 | Published in Eternal Salvation

Jesus came to make salvation as easy as He could. That’s one reason why the religious leaders of His day wanted to see Him crucified, because their religious system as good as said that nobody could be saved without following their complicated laws, traditions, and religious rigmarole.1 Jesus taught that all we need to do to be saved is believe that He is the Christ, the Savior, and that we are sinners in need of salvation, and then ask Him for salvation.2

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