Meet the Great Physician

September 2010 | Published in Healing

Through Christ’s suffering on the cross, God has made provision not only for the salvation of humankind, but alsofor the healing of physical infirmities. “By His stripes [the wounds He received when He was whipped] we are healed.”1

Pain is a touch of hell; healing is a touch of heaven. Healing is a sample of everlasting life, renewal of the body, cure of disease. It’s a touch of resurrection.

Thirsty No More

August 2010 | Published in Bible Stories

A retelling of John Chapter 4

Susannah sighed as she draped her head-covering over her long raven hair. Picking up an empty clay urn, she set out on the long, hot, dusty walk to fetch water from the communal well near Sychar, the Samaritan village where she lived.

She approached the well warily, because there sat a stranger—a Jew, judging by appearance. She was astonished when the man asked her for a drink of water, because the Jews’ religious customs forbade them any interaction with the Samaritans, whom they considered “unclean.”

Jesus and Me

August 2010 | Published in Jesus Christ

For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.—John 3:16

Faith in Jesus Christ is the soul’s flight into the city of refuge.—Hugh Binning (1625–1654)

Getting to Know Jesus

August 2010 | Published in Finding Jesus

I was 21 when I read from the Bible for the first time. Someone had suggested I read the Gospel of John first, but I knew so little about the Bible at the time that I didn’t understand the Gospels were four separate accounts of Jesus’ life and ministry. So I started at what seemed the more logical place, at the beginning of the New Testament, with the Gospel of Matthew.

Relief from Loneliness

July 2010 | Published in Spiritual Exercises

“There is a friend who sticks closer than a brother,” the Bible tells us.1 That friend is Jesus, who also promises, “I am with you always”2 and “I will never leave you nor forsake you.”3 His presence can fill the aching void within that we all sometimes feel, no matter how many close companions we may have on life’s journey. We need to learn to let Jesus fill that void.

The Source of Joy

June 2010 | Published in Eternal Salvation

When you first accept Me into your life and come to know Me, I fill you with a profound and intense happiness. The apostle Peter described this as “joy unspeakable and full of glory.”1

When I died on the cross, I paid the price for the sins of the world—including every wrongful deed you have ever committed. And because I did that, whoever believes in and receives Me will live forever—and that includes you too. When you understand what that means, when you realize that all is forgiven, that I love you unconditionally, that I will be there for you through thick and thin, that I will never give up on you, and that no matter what turns this life may take, you can look forward to eternal happiness in a truly perfect world—now that is something to get happy and excited about!

Passing Through

April 2010 | Published in Heaven

I am a creature of a day, passing through life as an arrow through the air. I am a spirit come from God and returning to God. I want to know one thing—the way to heaven.

—John Wesley

The world is but a great inn, where we are to stay a night or two, and be gone; what madness is it so to set our heart upon our inn, as to forget our home?

—Thomas Watson

Living Hope

April 2010 | Published in Heaven

I was thinking recently about death—how in spite of all the advances in medical science, death happens eventually to every living creature.

I was curious to see what the Bible had to say about this, and found some amazing things.

Death, it turns out, was not part of God’s original plan for His creation; it was the result of man’s disobedience to God. God had intended for man to live forever, but He could no longer permit that because of man’s fallen, sinful nature. Death is the penalty of sin, and it is one we all must suffer. “Through one man [Adam] sin entered the world, and death through sin, and thus death spread to all men, because all sinned.”1

What Heaven is like

April 2010 | Published in Heaven

The Bible tells us a lot about what to expect when we get to heaven—what it’s like, what we will be like, and what we’ll do there. There have also been numerous accounts from people who caught glimpses of heaven during brushes with death, and other people have seen departed loved ones in visions or dreams, or received messages from them with details of what they found life in heaven to be like.

Comfort in Life’s Dark Hour

April 2010 | Published in Getting Through

Never have I been so glad that I had faith as when my husband died.

Oh, the comfort, the blessing, the peace in the hour of trial that those of us who believe can draw on. Many of the condolence cards that I received had messages based on this Bible verse: “We sorrow not as those that have no hope”1—and that is so true!

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