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Live Well On Less

May 2010 | Published in Simple Life

The advantages of learning to live by the less-is-more tenet are many. Contemporary lifestyles and habits have a way of blinding us to those benefits, in part by keeping us so busy that we seldom stop long enough to carefully consider what we’re doing. We “move with the groove,” but that groove may be depleting us of precious funds, health, and happiness. A few ways to “move your groove” are:

Two Paths

April 2008 | Published in Simple Life

I went to see a friend the other day. I passed through two sets of polished doors and ascended the building in a gleaming elevator to get to his office. A receptionist offered me a cup of gourmet coffee before ushering me into a spacious conference room, where personal mementos, souvenirs from world travels, and numerous awards competed for space on teak shelves.

My friend arrived a minute later and greeted me warmly with a winning smile, his tailored suit slightly rumpled from a long day in the office. He sighed as he sat down across from me, and his smile dropped momentarily, revealing a tired and careworn face.

Stay Simple

April 2008 | Published in Simple Life

I spoke great truths, profound words that changed lives and continue to do so. But I also spoke to the children. I was simple, I was clear, and I didn’t lose My appreciation of little things. I stopped to enjoy the flowers. I cooked for My disciples.

It’s when you can’t find joy in the everyday things of life that you become complicated and lose the human touch. You exchange depth of character for a labyrinth of complex thinking, a heart that is sensitive to the things of the spirit for mere head knowledge.

The Land of Not Too Much

July 2006 | Published in Simple Life

I had the strangest little dream! I went over some mountains toward the sea, and it was like paradise, like going into another world, and I came back to tell you how wonderful it was.

The thing that made it so wonderful was that there wasn’t too much of anything. It was just that simple. In that country it was impossible to do too much of anything. You couldn’t eat too much, you couldn’t drink too much, you couldn’t work too much, you couldn’t sleep too much, and you couldn’t go too far.

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