The Endtime

The story so far…

A mysterious woman in the heavens gave birth to a child who was destined to rule the world—a child we soon realized was Jesus. The seven-headed dragon (also referred to as “the serpent”) was soon identified as Satan. The dragon tried to kill the child, but was prevented from doing so when the child was taken up to Heaven.

The dragon and the fallen angels who follow him were then cast down to the earth, after losing a great war in the spirit world. Satan was now on earth, no longer able to have access to the courts of Heaven where he had previously been the great accuser, and he was extremely wroth because the time that he would be allowed to cause hell on earth was very limited.

A mysterious woman, a child destined to be a king, and a hideous hydra-headed dragon. These are the principals in the mysterious book of Revelation, chapter 12. It reads like one of those fabulous mythological stories from antiquity. But it is not a myth. It is a true allegory of the past and the near future.

The apostle John, the author of Revelation, sees a beautiful woman in the heavens, clothed with the sun, wearing stars in her hair, and with the moon at her feet. She gives birth to a royal child as a dreadful fiery red dragon lies in wait to slay and devour. But before he can pounce, the child is whisked away into Heaven.

An interview with God on the Endtime

Interviewer: You were saying that after the Millennium—the thousand years of peace on Earth that will follow Jesus’ return—there will be a minor “hiccup,” but that it’s all in the plan. Please explain.

God: At the end of those thousand years, the Devil is then freed from his prison in the bottomless pit and we have somewhat of a reprise of the Battle of Armageddon.

An Interview with God on the Endtime

Interviewer: At what point will the coming Antichrist’s world government curtail personal freedoms and demand complete compliance to its rules and dictates, and eventually even worship of the Antichrist?

God: Three and a half years after the signing of the Holy Covenant. The continuing squabbles and even wars between its signatory nations and entities will provide the pretext for the Antichrist, the arbiter, to declare the Covenant void and declare a type of international martial law. At that point, he will proclaim himself free from any constitutional restraints and assume dictatorial power. The Mark of the Beast will be declared mandatory, and anyone not receiving it will be regarded as an outlaw. It is at this point that the period called the Great Tribulation will begin.

An Interview with God on the Endtime

Interviewer: What role will the Antichrist play in future world events?
God: The Antichrist becomes the leader of the coming world government. By his initiative, several measures are introduced. One is a comprehensive settlement governing the Middle East, primarily centered on the relationship of Israel with its neighbors.

An interview with God on the Endtime

Interviewer: Here we are in the third millennium since Jesus was on Earth. People have been going on about the end of the world for around 2,000 years, and probably longer. Yet this old world just keeps plugging along. I think people have gotten a little tired of hearing about the end of the world.
God: Just because they are tired of it doesn’t mean it won’t happen.

The Great Tribulation, the last three and a half years of the Antichrist’s rule that immediately precedes the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, is sadly misunderstood by many people. They envision the Tribulation as a time of complete defeat and a terrifying time of hell on earth for all believers in the true God. But I can prove from the Bible that this is not the case, thank God!

First, here is the apostle Matthew’s accountof what Jesus told His disciples about the Tribulation and the events leading up to it.

The following was written in November 1983, many years before the first computer chip implants in humans.

I had a dream in which I think the Lord was trying to give me an idea of what the mark of the Beast is going to be like, because it was very clear and I still remember it vividly.

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