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An interview with God on the Endtime

Interviewer: Here we are in the third millennium since Jesus was on Earth. People have been going on about the end of the world for around 2,000 years, and probably longer. Yet this old world just keeps plugging along. I think people have gotten a little tired of hearing about the end of the world.
God: Just because they are tired of it doesn’t mean it won’t happen.

I think people picture the stereotypical doomsayer, someone a bit off his rocker, wearing a sandwich board sign that says, “The End Is Near.” I think people can be excused if they disregard this kind of thing.
Just because a kook or two says this, it doesn’t mean that what they are saying isn’t fairly close to the truth.

So You are saying that the end is near?
The end of the world as you know it, yes!

Please elaborate on the “as you know it.” What is going to happen?
Do you want the good news or the bad news?

I am relieved to hear there are both. Perhaps if You just listed it sequentially, that would be best.
Very well. There is a lot of detail, but for clarity and simplicity I’ll just hit the highlights. As many would agree, the Earth has gotten into pretty bad shape. Its resources, especially water, are being used up at a rate that is not sustainable. So even if things were not heading for a climax according to the timetable that I set up at the beginning, something would have to be done. But because there is global disaster looming, not just ecologically but economically and militarily—a fact acknowledged in many quarters—these factors will help propel humanity into forming a united world government.

Like the United Nations.
No. The United Nations is just an organization with representatives from all nations but with little real authority—more or less a glorified debating society. What I am saying is that the nations will come together to form a world government that has the power to implement what it decides worldwide.

This sounds a bit far-fetched. Nations are not going to be that ready to surrender their sovereignty.
Nations already are. Many surrendered sovereignty over their economies long ago when they had to implement economic plans dictated to them by supranational institutions such as the IMF. Others, such as the nations of Europe, have surrendered parts of their sovereignty in order to form regional unions with other nations. So that bridge has been crossed.

Okay, say they do this. A united world government doesn’t sound like a bad idea. At least it could put an end to wars, allow for equal distribution of resources, etc.
Don’t kid yourself. Most wars in the world today are wars within nations, civil wars, and there is not a nation on Earth that doesn’t exhibit great disparity between rich and poor. So all that talk about peace and equality being instituted if the nations of the world were united under one government of man is just hot air.

But we’ll still get a united world government according to what You just said.
Yes, you will.

Every government, even a world government, has its head.
Exactly, and do you know who is going to be at the head of this one?

Ha! No, not yet. The world is going to turn the reins of government over to a brilliant man who will command respect and allegiance from all.

A good leader for a change. Sounds like just the ticket.
That is what everyone—well, almost everyone—is going to say at first. But this man has a sinister secret. He is known by many names, but the one that is the most well known is “the Antichrist.”

That doesn’t sound very flattering. Why would he want to call himself the Antichrist?
He doesn’t. But I have called him that, and the many millions of Christians who are aware of his imminent arrival on the world stage will recognize him for who he is and will so label him.

With a name like the Antichrist, I suppose he must be the antithesis of the real Christ.
Exactly! And it doesn’t take a lot to conclude that if he is the Antichrist, he must therefore be getting his signals from a very different direction than Jesus did. As Jesus was God in human flesh, so, in parody, the Antichrist will be the Devil in the flesh.

Why would we choose the Devil in the flesh to be our world leader?
Because humanity will be both duped and desperate. Most will not recognize him for who he is, but will rather see in him someone with the ability and clout to rescue the world from its desperate situation. He will have already proven his worth by sorting out some very difficult issues and will already be acknowledged as the most astute politician and able problem-solver of the day.

Why will we be that desperate?
Because the world’s economic and political conditions will be in turmoil. A worldwide economic crash will not just result in economic hard times, but also the disintegration of stable government. The world will be calling out for strong leadership, and in this man they will get it.

Excerpted from the book, God on God, by Scott MacGregor. Copyright © 2001.
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