Nature and the Environment

The Upward Look

There was once a university professor who sprinkled his lectures with personal reflections that invariably began with, “As I was walking in my garden, it occurred to me that…” Over and over he passed on to his students thoughts that his garden had inspired.

One day he invited two of his most promising students to visit him at home, and over a cup of coffee the students asked to see his garden. To their amazement it was only a narrow strip, barely wider than the walkway, with the house on one side and a high wall on the other.

God’s Space

“Everything is beautiful in its own way, like a starry summer night or a snow-covered winter’s day!” as the old Ray Stevens song goes. It’s inspiring to watch God’s beautiful creation and creatures from the window, to see how well organized the Lord’s creation is, how peaceful and beautiful. It helps you trust in Him. When we realize what good care God takes of all His creation, you know He’ll take good care of you too.

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