The Positive Power of Praise

The Positive Power of Praise

Question: I’ve heard that positive thinking can make all the difference in difficult situations, but sometimes I’m at a loss for things to be positive about. What can I do to get on a positive channel when everything seems to be going wrong?

Answer: When your heart is weighed down with worry, fear, sorrow, or pain, instead of dwelling on your woes, think about Jesus and His love. Count your blessings. If nothing else, you can be grateful for all the other problems you could have but don’t, because God has spared you from them.

Look on the bright side. Think on the good things. Thank God for all He has done. Chase away the dark clouds by letting in the light of God’s Word, prayer, praise, song. Do anything you can to occupy your mind with positive thinking.

If you’re thinking about God’s goodness and putting that in the focal point of your concentration, then this pushes the devil and his doubts and lies and fears out of the way. You can’t be positive and negative at the same time, so fill your mind with the light of praise to God, and it will push the darkness out

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