Another Kind of Healing

Another Kind of Healing

Some people have long-term illnesses that don’t go away instantly when prayed for. I’m someone whom God has not seen fit to heal right away.

There are medications to relieve the worst symptoms of the immune system disorders and other chronic conditions I suffer from, but no actual cure. The miracle for me is having God’s help and comfort in my ongoing condition. He’s giving me a happy, fruitful life, even though I’m still quite sick.

There are times when He intervenes to take away an illness completely, but there is the other kind of healing—the kind that continues on and shapes and matures, that teaches deeper lessons and engenders more compassion for others.

I am very grateful for the way God has given me a very happy life in spite of my condition. Happier than before I was sick, I would say.

Of course, I am blessed with close family and friends who have given incredible help and support. My illnesses brought their amazing qualities of love and self-sacrifice to the fore.

So that’s a miracle too—that God can allow some of us to suffer sicknesses which in the long run can both improve the quality of our lives and bring out the best in others. That can be His better plan, rather than granting instant healing.

Being sick has made me more compassionate. It has made me more thoughtful and reflective. It has made me examine my motives for doing things, whereas before I was so focused on just “doing” that I often didn’t think about why. It has given me immense gratitude for things that I took for granted before. It has brought simple peace and greater faith. It has made my life more beautiful.


Caryn Phillips

Caryn Phillips does volunteer work with the homeless and others on the margins of society in the U.S.

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