The Counselor

The Counselor

I’m a perfectionist. I like to do things well and thoroughly, no matter how much time it takes. In my decision-making, I’ve come to recognize that my main motivation is avoiding making mistakes. I try to make sure that my work and personal decisions are as right as they can possibly be.

Oh, the agony and stress of the whole process! Almost any decision had to be perfect—from what shampoo to buy to which seat to choose on a bus. Everything had to be well thought through, all options and possibilities considered. I didn’t realize how much stress I was bringing into my life!

When I came to know Jesus and began involving Him in my life, I found that things could be much easier and that He could help me in my decision-making—after all, who knows better than the all-knowing One? So I began asking for His guidance. Sometimes He would give me specific guidance. Other times He didn’t indicate a clear course of action, leaving it in my court to search His Word and make godly decisions based on its precepts.

However, the best and most reassuring consequence of involving God is that He loves me so much that even if I make a wrong choice, He continues to work with me and my decisions. He doesn’t hold it against me when I make a mistake or let selfishness or fear guide my choices. He takes me where I’m at and helps me to grow into making better choices.

I am still a perfectionist to some extent, even after so many years of walking with Jesus, but finding Him has made my life so much easier and happier. Having Him to counsel with and count on has helped to take the stress out of my decision-making, because I know that although I may make mistakes, He can work even those for my good.1

1. See Romans 8:28. 

Irena Žabičková

Irena Žabičková is a full-time volunteer with Per un mondo migliore in Croatia and Italy. 

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