Finding Time for Prayer

Finding Time for Prayer

Question: I realize that prayer is important, and I want to use it to connect with God, but it never seems like I have the time. How can I fit it into an already busy day?

Answer: It takes time to communicate with anyone, including God. There’s no way around it. It’s a mistake, though, to think of time spent in prayer as time that could have been better used to get other things done, because if you take time to pray, you’ll be able to get a lot more done than you would otherwise. It’s an investment, but once you start reaping the benefits, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it. Here are a few tips to help get you started:

Make a conscious effort. Like forming any new habit, this will take consistent determination. In time, though, you’ll find that you’re remembering to pray more, and forgetting to less.

Make prayer a priority. You always have time for the things you consider most important.

Set aside specific times in your daily routine. If you wait till everything else is taken care of, it will never happen. If you find that one time of day doesn’t work well for you, try another. If you miss your appointed times one day, don’t give up! Try again the next day.

Set attainable goals. It’s not how long you pray that counts, but how earnest and sincere you are and how much you believe your prayers will be answered.

Take advantage of spare moments. You can pray during a coffee break, when stuck in traffic, while waiting for an appointment, while cooking, while taking a shower, while waiting for the baby to drift off to sleep, while walking the dog—almost any time, really.

Pray before starting each new task. “In all your ways acknowledge [God], and He shall direct your paths.”1 In many cases, a prayer of only a sentence or two is all it takes.

Pray at the first sign of trouble. Ask for clarity of thought, composure, strength, inspiration, or answers—whatever you need at the moment—and God will give it.2


“Pray without ceasing”3

You don’t have to be on your knees, praying frantically for God to hear you. Prayer is something you can and should be doing all the time, no matter what else you’re doing—like thinking on your feet. If you pray as you go about whatever it is you’re doing and ask God for wisdom, He will give it to you.4—David Brandt Berg

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