God's Gifts

The Real Thing

I am not a fabrication, a figment of the imagination, or a fable. I am real—and I am what you need. I can give you comfort in place of anxiety, faith in place of fear, rest in place of struggle, peace in place of worry, happiness in place of sadness, and answers to your questions. I can be your strength, your help in time of need, your friend and companion. That doesn’t mean you will never have another problem or challenge in life, but I can help you with life’s problems.

Farewell to an Old Friend

My elderly mother was on the phone. “The next time you visit, would you mind looking in the garage? Your brother is helping clean it out, and he came across some of your old things.”

What childhood leftovers could possibly remain? When I arrived, there it was: a ponderous manual office typewriter, as sturdy as ever, but a little rusty from three decades of disuse. The sight brought back happy memories. My parents had bought it secondhand to reward me for passing an important exam at age 11. I’d taught myself to type and spent many hours during my teen years hammering out poems and stories.

More than a Speck

As you take time to be filled with Me, I always replenish your resources. The more you give Me of yourself, the more I can give you of Myself—My love, My power, My anointing, My gifts, My insight, My wisdom, My blessings, My strength, My provision, My protection, My creativity, My intelligence, My contentment, My joy, My peace.

All these things are part of My goodness. All are yours for the taking and can become a bigger part of your life, day by day. As you get to know Me better and learn to receive from Me more clearly and directly, you can have more and more of these wonderful gifts and treasures. They grow and multiply within your own heart, and spread into the lives of others whom your life touches.

Power Up!

Jesus told His followers that He would “send the Promise of the Father” upon them, so they would be “endued with power from on high” (Luke 24:49). If you have received Jesus as your Savior, if you have been “born again of the Spirit,” then you have already received a little of that Holy Spirit power. But that doesn’t mean that you’ve received the full measure of the Holy Spirit. This is usually a separate experience that happens later.

A glass of water makes a good illustration. If the glass has at least some water in it, you could say that it’s a glass of water, even though it’s not a full glass. Many Christians are like glasses with just a little water, a bit of God’s Spirit. But those who have prayed for an infilling of the Holy Spirit are like glasses that have been filled till they overflow.

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