My Miracle Wedding

My Miracle Wedding
Andrew and his wife on their wedding day

Jesus said that if we will “seek the kingdom of god above all else,” God will give us everything we need.1 If you work hard and do your job well, it’s in your boss’s best interest to notice and reward you with a pay raise or promotion. God thinks that way too. If we invest our time and energy in His work, helping others and living as He would have us live, God will notice and see that we are rewarded.

As a career Christian volunteer, I’ve spent my life sharing God’s love with others and trying my best to live my faith. There have been times, however, when I’ve compared my life with those of people around me and wondered if I might be better off materially if I worked at a secular job.

When my girlfriend and I decided to marry, we wondered how we would ever be able to pay for a large enough wedding that our families and friends could attend. But we claimed our boss’s “seek first” promise, and He didn’t let us down!

A longtime friend whom we had met through our volunteer work, who had since moved on to another city, heard that we were engaged and phoned me. “Congratulations to you both!” she said. “My mother is a wedding planner in your city. As my wedding gift, I’ve arranged for her to organize the entire event.”

Not only did our friend’s mother take over the entire planning—the decorating, the flower arrangements, etc.—but she also arranged for a tailor to make my wife’s wedding dress and my suit, all free of charge. Meanwhile, another friend arranged for a professional photographer to document the event and paid for the wedding cake, rings, and hotel rooms for our out-of-town guests.

On the day of our wedding, when we walked into the fully decorated room, we were both amazed at how God had used these dear people to provide everything we needed.

But my story doesn’t end there.

Since my wife had never been out of the country, I was secretly hoping to take her abroad for our honeymoon. I found promotional tickets to Macau on the right dates, but at best I would only have money for our airfares, not the hotel room or other expenses.

I had pretty much given up the idea when an old friend—one of my seventh grade classmates, actually—wrote me out of the blue. “I heard that you’re getting married. Where will you be going for your honeymoon?” he asked. I replied that I had hoped to go to Macau, but that it probably wouldn’t work out.

You can imagine my shock when this man, whom I hadn’t been in contact with for years, wrote back that he takes regular business trips to Macau and is part of a hotel club. “If you decide to go to Macau,” he wrote, “all of your expenses will be on me!”

My wonderful boss, God, had given me the desires of my heart, above and beyond my wildest dreams.2 Does God repay those who serve Him with their time, money, and talents? You bet He does!

1. See Matthew 6:33 NLT.
2. Psalm 37:4; Ephesians 3:20


Andrew Mateyak

Andrew Mateyak

Andrew Mateyak, born of missionary parents, is a fulltime volunteer missionary in Cagayan de Oro City in the Philippines. He is a member of the Family International. Together with his wife Melody, he teaches Sunday school classes and is involved with various charity and social projects. To learn more about some of the latest projects they’ve been involved in, check out “Activated CDO” on Facebook.

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