The Secret Well

The Secret Well

In Palestine about 2,000 years ago, a woman came one day to fetch water from the communal well. It happened to be a very famous well, Jacob’s Well, named for the patriarch who had dug it. The woman was a Samaritan, from the town of Sychar. From all appearances, her life had thus far been a failure. She had been married five times. Everyone in town knew her and had an opinion about her. She steeled herself against the gossip by putting up a tough front.

At the well, this troubled woman met a stranger. She was shocked that He spoke directly to her, because He was a Jew and Jewish customs did not allow Jews to have any dealings with Samaritans. The stranger asked her to draw water for Him from the well. She was prepared to do so, but being a bold soul herself, she asked Him for an explanation. Why was He ignoring His society’s rule and talking to her?

He told her that if she knew who was asking her, she would ask Him for water. He obviously had nothing to draw water with, so how could He get water for her? Was He just playing games with her or trying to flirt? She decided to ask Him some more questions.

He went on to tell the woman her past, and she discovered that the stranger she was talking to was the promised Messiah, sent by God to save the world, and that the water He had spoken of giving her was the “living water” of God’s Spirit—an endless source of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faith, and more.

Those few minutes by the well with Jesus completely turned this woman’s life around. God suddenly became so close, so real, so personal, so present, so loving, and so easy to make a connection with. It was as simple as opening her heart to Jesus. The woman not only tapped into the endless reservoir of God’s Spirit that day, but immediately set about getting her whole town tapped in. They may have thought she was a bit wild and crazy at first, but they listened to her. Then they came to listen to Jesus, and they also believed.

God is ready to begin a brand-new relationship with you right now, today, just as you are—and tomorrow He will continue to be right there, ready to take you even further. He loves to make all things new, including you.

All you need to do to tap into the boundless reservoir of living water is pray a simple prayer from your heart, asking for His help.

Jesus, I believe in You. Please come into my life. Forgive the wrong that I have done in life, and fill me with the love and power and eternal life You have promised to everyone that calls out to You. Amen.

Derek and Michelle Brookes

Derek and Michelle Brookes

Derek and Michelle Brookes are professional educators and writers. Their lifelong ambition to provide quality care and education to children has taken them to four continents, and brought practical help and encouragement to many.

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