Age, a State of Mind

Age, a State of Mind

Growing old is no more than a bad habit which a busy person has no time to form.

—André Maurois

If wrinkles must be written upon your brow, let them not be written upon your heart. The spirit should not grow old.

—James Garfield

Hardening of the heart ages people more quickly than hardening of the arteries.

—Franklin Field

The heart that loves is always young.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Growing old isn’t so bad when you consider the alternative.

—W.C. Fields

Nobody grows old by merely living a number of years. People grow old only by deserting their ideals. Years may wrinkle the skin, but to give up interest wrinkles the soul. Worry, doubt, self-distrust, fear, and despair—these are the long, long years that bow the head and turn the growing spirit back to dust. You are as young as your faith, as old as your doubt; as young as your self-confidence, as old as your fear; as young as your hope, as old as your despair.

—Samuel Ullman

What matters is not to add years to your life but to add life to your years.

—Alexis Carrel

A man’s age is something impressive; it sums up his life: maturity reached slowly and against many obstacles, illnesses cured, griefs and despairs overcome, and unconscious risks taken; maturity formed through so many desires, hopes, regrets, forgotten things, loves. A man’s age represents a fine cargo of experiences and memories.

—Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

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