God’s Health Plan

God’s Health Plan

It’s better to stay healthy than to have to be healed. Remember, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. A fence at the top of the cliff is better than a hospital at the bottom. The best way to prevent illness is to obey God’s natural health laws: live right, eat right, work right, play right, rest right, love right, and maintain a right relationship with Him.

You cannot violate God’s health rules or abuse your body and expect to be healthy, because God made you with built-in mechanisms to make you wish you hadn’t if you do. It’s not that God enjoys punishing you or seeing you suffer. To the contrary, He made His health rules because He loves you and wants to protect you from harm. The rules are to help you be happier and get more out of life by making sure you do what you can to keep yourself healthy and whole. “If you know these things, blessed are you if you do them.”1

God created you, and He knows what is best for you. Take care of God’s creation by following His commonsense rules, and He will bless you with good health.

1. John 13:17


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David Brandt Berg

David Brandt Berg (1919-1994) was the son of well-known American evangelist Virginia Brandt Berg. In 1968, David and his wife and teenage children pioneered a ministry to the counterculture youth of Huntington Beach, California. This ministry grew into an international Christian missionary movement known today as the Family International (TFI). (Articles by David Brandt Berg used in Activated are adapted.)

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