Trust God’s Plan

Trust God’s Plan

This world is God’s workshop for making men in.

—Henry Ward Beecher (1813–1887)

Walk boldly and wisely. There is a hand above that will help you on.

—Philip James Bailey (1816–1902)

Life is a tapestry: We are the warp; angels, the weft; God, the weaver. Only the Weaver sees the whole design.

Quoted in The Angels’ Little Instruction Book, Eileen Elias Freeman, 1994

The highest knowledge is to know that we are surrounded by mystery. Neither knowledge nor hope for the future can be the pivot of our life or determine its direction. It is intended to be solely determined by our allowing ourselves to be gripped by the ethical God, who reveals Himself in us, and by our yielding our will to His.

Albert Schweitzer (1875–1965)

To wait open-endedly is an enormously radical attitude toward life. So, too, is giving up control over our future and letting God define our life. That, indeed, is a very radical stance toward life in a world preoccupied with control.

—Henri J. M. Nouwen (1932–1996)

One thing is certain: God knows what He’s doing. So whenever we don’t understand why He allows something to happen, we just have to wrap our questions in a little bundle of faith and tuck it away till some day He reveals why.

—David Brandt Berg (1919–1994)

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