When I was a kid, I hated with a passion losing at any kind of game. It wasn’t easy to accept that I couldn’t roll the perfect number, hit the perfect shot, or play the perfect card every single time. These days, I still would much rather win than lose, but I’m not willing to win at all costs, and I’m happy when I know that I gave it my best shot. I see my six-year-old son struggle with things sometimes not going his way, and I pray he’ll have an easier time learning that lesson.

How to Build

The great thing is to be found at one’s post as a child of God, living each day as though it were our last, but planning as though our world might last a hundred years.—C. S. Lewis (1898–1963)


If you can’t do great things, Mother Teresa used to say, do little things with great love. If you can’t do them with great love, do them with a little love. If you can’t do them with a little love, do them anyway.
—John Ortberg (b. 1957)


In the second half of Matthew chapter 6, Jesus focuses on our relationship to material things. He begins by teaching the right priorities and attitudes about material possessions:

Filling a Need

Ted and Dorothy were a young couple who bought Wall Drug, a drugstore in a small town in the western United States, in 1931. In those days, a drugstore was like a convenience store and sold a wide range of beverages and products, so there was a lot of potential. Unfortunately, the town had only 326 people, all of them poor. Business was bad, and they barely made enough to keep afloat. But they believed that they had a calling: they were making friendships, providing medical care, and feeling that they were becoming a part of community life.

How I Cleared My Inbox by Not Doing It

Okay, it’s not quite cleared as in “0 Items,” and I don’t ever expect that. In the past month, though, I’ve gone from a rather long-standing position of always having between 100 and 150 items in my inbox to having only between 7 and 30 at any given time—except, of course, when I open my mailbox for the first time each day and the mail floods in.

You Don’t Need a Guru

Not long ago, my social media exploded with the news that a high-profile couple had announced their divorce. This power couple had established a following as “relationship gurus,” with books, websites, videos, podcasts, numerous guest appearances and endorsements, and a very expensive “couple’s conference.” People who had bought into their empire felt betrayed, lied to, and confused.

Be All You Can Be

Each person is different and has different gifts and callings. God knew what He was doing when He made you the way you are, and He wants to use the talents He has given you and help you to develop them so that you can go further and make the most of your situation.

Time Management

Time is one thing that you can never get back again. The Bible talks about “redeeming the time” or “making the best use of the time.”1 That calls for some commitment to developing our time management skills.

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