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Ronan Keane is the executive editor of the Activated magazine. 

Rest Assured

Stress is no fun. Whether as a student cramming before an important exam, a parent juggling the demands of work and family, a relative or close friend of someone facing a serious health problem, a professional struggling to stay current, or one of millions trying to stay on their feet in a shaky economy, everyone has experienced the debilitating effects of stress.


Angels are mentioned hundreds of times in the Bible, both in the Old and New Testaments, in a variety of settings and with diverse roles. Here are answers from the Bible to some of the most frequently asked questions about angels.

Why Not?

For the New Year when I was six, what I wanted above all was to move to the mountains. Over the Christmas holidays my family had visited relatives who lived in a mountainous area, and it was the first time I’d experienced the magic of so much snow. I’d loved every moment of it.

I prayed earnestly for our family’s relocation, starting around Christmas and continuing well into January. At first I was confident that it would take place soon, but it finally became obvious that no move was imminent. I eventually got over the childish fixation, but the question lingered in my mind much longer: Why had God not answered my prayer?

Positive Programming

Most of us battle negative thinking at some point in our lives.

We put ourselves down for real or imagined faults and weaknesses, or we compare ourselves negatively to others. The use of positive statements that you can repeat to yourself is a proven technique for overcoming that negativity.

“The Beautiful Game”

June 11, 2010: Kickoff of the 19th football (soccer) World Cup in South Africa. Generally considered one of the world’s premier sporting events, along with the Olympics, this is the first World Cup final ever held on the African continent. Hundreds of thousands of lucky fans will be able to watch the games live in the stadiums that were built or revamped for the event, and billions more around the world are expected to follow their team’s progress through the month-long competition via TV, radio, and the Internet. It is the global celebration of what Brazilian three-time Cup winner Pelé called “the beautiful game.”

Be a Maximizer

Most people, it seems, fall into one of three broad groups when it comes to their level of dedication and initiative, their work ethic, and how much they’re able to accomplish.

These three groups are the minimizers, the maintainers, and the maximizers. Minimizers do as little as they can get away with, and maintainers do only what is needed to maintain the status quo, but maximizers are ready and willing to go the distance; they are focused on moving closer to their goal, even though they know it will cost them in time and energy.

Bible Heroines

In the Israel of Bible times, men’s and women’s roles were clearly defined, with the women’s sphere traditionally being the household and everything pertaining to it, including the care of the children, the oversight of the servants, and often the managing of the family’s finances. But throughout the Bible, God didn’t limit Himself by gender when choosing who to use to accomplish His will, speak His words, or lead His people. In some cases, the tasks God gave women would have appeared daunting even to most men, but that didn’t prevent these bold and full-of-faith women from answering His call.

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