Scott Montrose

Scott Montrose is a member of the Family International in the Middle East.

Life’s Editing

I had struggled with and overcome the demons of self-doubt and fear of failure, launched out into the deep, put pen to paper, and written my first short inspirational piece.

I sat back and read it through several times. Pleased with my modest effort, I submitted the piece to a monthly magazine for possible publication.

The Way Home

I was listening to Frankie Miller singing “A Long Way Home” when the lyrics took on personal meaning.

Oh, it’s a long way home
In the night alone
When your songs are all gone
And your life runs on;
It’s a long way home.

The Race

As I strolled along the river, swans and other birds added to the beauty of a sunny Sunday afternoon that was wasted on me. The past few years had been a nightmare. Alcoholism was taking its toll. Guilt, negativity, and discouragement hung over me like dark clouds. I was separated from my wife and had lost my job. I had also lost the respect of all my friends and coworkers. I felt like a worthless failure.

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