Eldora Sichrovsky

Eldora Sichrovsky is involved in missionary volunteer work and lives with her family in Taiwan.

It’s All Right

Those were the words uttered by a woman nearly 3,000 years ago whose only son had just died in her arms. Hours earlier, he had complained of a headache after returning from harvesting the fields with his father. She had sat him on her lap and tried to cool his burning forehead, but by noon he was gone.

Someone Bigger Than Me

I can still remember the first time I discovered what a few minutes in God’s creation can do. I was in grade school and was frantically searching for a misplaced workbook that I needed for class the next day. The more I searched, the more confused and frustrated I became. I was exasperated and on the verge of tears when my mom came into the room. Seeing my dilemma, she suggested I go outside for some fresh air and sunshine. “Perhaps it will give you new energy and refresh your mind,” she said.

Surrounded by Prayer

When my older sister Evelyn was 16, she suddenly began experiencing excruciating pain in her lower-right abdomen. As the pain intensified, she began running a fever and vomiting. I remember the anxiety and desperation we all felt as my dad rushed her to the nearest hospital.

A doctor in the emergency unit discovered a large gangrenous cyst in Evelyn’s abdomen. The cyst had twisted, cutting off blood circulation and causing the extreme pain. Time sped by in a blur as she was hurriedly prepared for emergency surgery. At home, the rest of us prayed fervently, asking Jesus to protect, comfort, and surround her with His loving presence.

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