Marie Alvero

Marie Alvero is a former missionary to Africa and Mexico. She currently lives a happy, busy life with her husband and children in Central Texas, USA. 

Advent Ideas

I love the idea of Advent, though I admit that I’m not too great at observing it. It comes at the busiest time of the year when I’m rushing to meet year-end goals and deadlines and, of course, prepare for Christmas.

Advent is about reminiscing on the significance of Jesus’ first coming, and the anticipation believers feel for His second coming. It requires spiritual preparation and isn’t something you can rush through.

Two Secrets

Everyone has an idea of what peace and contentment look like to them. I think of green rolling hills and a cottage in the woods with a beautiful garden. I think of spending evenings on the front porch swing watching the sun set, sharing a conversation with friends and family. I think of a healthy balance in our savings account. In my “happy world,” my kids are all leading productive, satisfying lives and will grow up to start happy, healthy families, and all my loved ones are flourishing. That sounds peaceful. That sounds like a good life, and I just know I would be the very model of contentment!

Overcoming Today

I spent a lot of my youth traveling on public transport. The buses in Poland were often so crowded that you could literally be held up by the crowd without putting any weight on your legs or holding on. But we lived at the end of the line, so the bus would gradually empty out, and as the bus emptied, you had to be either sitting or holding on if you didn’t want to fall over.

Teach Me

Today a quiet piece of knowledge came to me. For a moment, I had a glimpse into the mind of my child, when she didn’t know I was watching, and I saw a side of her that isn’t normally obvious. She was fiercer than I normally see her, and I saw how differently she has interpreted some of her life’s experiences from what I expected.

The Bible and You

A few years ago, it came to me that I had a superficial relationship with the Bible. I was a bit taken aback, since I had spent my entire life as a follower of the Bible. I knew many verses, stories, and interpretations like the back of my hand, but I realized there was a whole lot of stuff I had no idea about.

The Widow’s Mite

Jesus and His disciples were in the temple observing people giving their offerings. A wealthy man approached the coffer, drawing as much attention as he could to the fact that he was giving a hefty sum. Following him was a widow. As quickly as she could she dropped in two mites, the smallest denomination of coin she could have given. The disciples muttered amongst themselves about how pitiful her offering was, but to their astonishment, Jesus told them she had given more than anyone else, for she had given all that she had.1

Your Little Light

One Friday evening a few weeks ago, my husband and I decided to set out some lounge chairs in our driveway and let our neighbors know we would be out there with drinks and snacks. I raided my fridge and found some chips and salsa, carrots and hummus, a tiny wedge of cheese, and some leftover M&Ms.


I was one of the hopefuls that started last year with a brand-new planner. 2020 was full of promise, and I thought I had some control over the direction of the year. I had a long planned/postponed trip to see my family slotted for early spring, some home improvement plans, a saving/financial plan, plans for family vacations, etc.

The Patient One

Life is a constant stream of contradictions—things to hold on to, to let go of, to fight for, to give up. We’re told to try harder, to give ourselves a break, to loosen up, to make better choices, to just say yes, to just say no, to settle, to not settle. And to make matters worse, there’s always someone saying something like “just listen to your heart.” Right!

The Art of Encouragement

As I write this a very good friend of mine is struggling with wave after wave of hard news. Her husband has been laid off from a job he held for 27 years, she had a suspicious mammogram, their home AC has gone out, and they had to put down a family pet. No tragedies, yet, but plenty of hard stuff—the stuff that makes you ask “Why, God?” or “Are You there, God? Do You notice these things? Do You care?”

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