Marie Boisjoly

Marie Boisjoly is French Canadian and has been involved in Christian community services for 45 years. She is currently living in Mexico with her husband. She is a laughter therapist and director of “Coloreando el Mundo” (Coloring the World), an interactive clown and puppet show. She is also a distributor of educational and motivational products.

The World’s Best Picture

The other night I watched a fascinating documentary about the famous fresco The Resurrection, by Piero della Francesca, painted around 1463 in Tuscany, Italy. Jesus is in the center of the composition, portrayed at the moment of His resurrection. He is seen rising above four soldiers sleeping at His tomb, illustrating the difference between the human and divine spheres. 

Hard Knocks

Have you ever wondered why it is that from time to time you find yourself going through the school of hard knocks? Just when you’re thriving on some “ups” in your life, something happens that brings you down a few notches on the happiness scale. “Why me?” “Why this?” “Why now?” Instead of helping to turn things around, those questions only make matters worse. Finally you remind yourself that even if you don’t understand and can’t see anything good coming from your present struggles, God can. He’s always got a plan. So you decide to trust Him and hold on, and He works things out in the end.

The Marriage Mirror

"Mari-i-i-i-ie!" My husband Ivo's stressed voice rings through the house. "Where did you say my green shirt was again?"

“It’s in the closet, on the left side, between your white shirts and your jacket.”    

“I can’t find it!”

I follow his voice up the stairs and into our room.

Desert Places

Camino tedioso. ¡No se duerma! (Spanish for “Monotonous road. Do not fall asleep!”) It wasn’t the first such warning sign we had passed. For several hours, as far as the eye could see, there had been little but unending stretches of desert, saguaro and candelabra cactuses, and the occasional mesquite bush. My husband and I were crossing Mexico’s Chihuahuan Desert, the third-largest desert in the Western Hemisphere.

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