Coffee and Forgiveness

Coffee and Forgiveness

A blanket of fog on the runway had caused a three-hour delay. I boarded the plane and settled wearily into my seat. How good it would be to get back to home and loved ones!

Midway through the flight, I was engrossed in conversation with a fellow passenger named Robert, when a young woman passed by in the aisle, swinging her purse behind her. It knocked my cup of coffee right into my lap, splashing my jacket and running down the legs of my jeans. I grabbed as many tissues and napkins as I could find, mopped up what I could, and resigned myself to the fact that the rest of the mess would remain until I got home. Only then did I glance down the aisle at the girl responsible for the mishap. She was waiting outside the toilet, oblivious to the minor catastrophe she had caused in seat 25C.

Robert had been telling me about how hard it was for him to forgive someone who had hurt his family. His account was laced with anger and bitterness, and I searched for words that would help him.

“You know, that girl who spilled my coffee all over me didn’t see what she did,” I said, “so I guess I can’t expect an apology. But now I have the choice to let this incident ruin the rest of my trip, or move on and not let it dominate my thoughts and emotions. Either way, it’s not going to be easy living with the ramifications of what happened until I get home, shower, and change clothes, but God can help me rise above these circumstances if I ask Him to. So that’s what I’ll do.”

Robert nodded. “That’s a fitting illustration,” he said sheepishly.

The happy ending of this story is that Robert prayed and accepted Jesus as his Savior. Now he has Jesus’ presence in his life, and Jesus will help him have more love, mercy, and understanding for others. For Robert, the road to freedom from bitterness began with one step—receiving Jesus. The wonderful truth is that Jesus offers the same to anyone who asks.

If you haven’t yet experienced Jesus’ love, you can right now by simply praying the following:

Jesus, please come into my life and give me Your gift of eternal life. Forgive all the wrongs I have ever committed, and teach me to forgive others as You have forgiven me.


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